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Posted on: Tuesday, July 21, 2009

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When I think of New York (downtown) style I immediately think of Slick,skinny jeans hipster-esque Alex Wang/Erin Wasson outfits and while that style definitely exists in LA there is much more of vintage presence here (I am sure it would be the same for NYC but vintage is insanely expensive there and usually really picked over!)
But vintage in LA is cheap and everywhere.... but for those of you in NYC don't fret I found this vintage inspired skirt at shopbird!
Mociun atri button front skirt
Shofolk open toe buckle sandal
I found the adorable double knotted tank at forever 21 but the online shopping fanatics got to it so quickly it's already sold out!

vintage shop bird

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  1. As a new yorker I resent this claim. Vintage may be harder to come by in Manhattan (just one fifth of NYC), but I like to think the fashion capital of america (LA has yet to challenge the title) has a unique style that amounts to more than "skinny jeans".

  2. Totally agree Anonymous I was just pointing out that LA style comes from more of a vintage-y place whereas ny is more modern and cutting edge/gritty and LA is in no way challenging the title but the roots are way different!

  3. that's a cool post....... but what i liked the most is the long list of Fashion blogs you have given in your sidebar ....... {some things I read when I am not drinking.}

    i would say Good Collection.....


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