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The shape of things to come...

Posted on: Thursday, February 12, 2009

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As a fashion blogger and street style enthusiast I tend to keep my eyes less on the road and more on the people walking on the sidewalks. Thank goodness I live in New York and don’t drive. All this style spotting has not gone on in vain as I have noticed some very interesting “bigger picture” fashion trends popping up.

One of the most major trends surfacing is in regards to the general shapes of garments. Fashion forward people everywhere would tell you tailored and fitted is the way to go for a chic and flattering silhouette- but no longer!

I have noticed that fabric is increasing, ruffles are multiplying, and layers are building. The fullness we saw last season remains yet transforms into a more geometrically tailored silhouette with lots of layers and cut-outs. Full skirts and wide leg pants become looser and are paired with a long tank, vest, sweater, and belt (this layering taken to the extreme).

The ruffles from last season will build in volume and appear in unsuspecting places such as diagonal seams and neck lines. All in all I like the shift, it feels like a modern take on a vintage aesthetic tied with a bit of that 90s grunge factor. Although this might just be because I am sick of squeezing into my skinny jeans. Let me know your thoughts on this trend in the comments!

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  1. nice summary!
    and i love your madmen allusion, i'm seeing it everywhere, and i thought it was just me.



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