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Posted on: Thursday, July 24, 2008

Visionaire is an extension of V and V Man Magazines... It's a gallery featuring artworks, collaborations and independent art projects as well as issues of their publication (thanks Laia!). It's located at 11 Mercer Street NY,NY.

The website is sort of amazing. Basically the model (coca rocha) is in a shiny black lycra jumpsuit and she switches up her outfits while dancing to Fischerspooner's "Danse en France" fascinated here.

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  1. Hey, Visionaire actually started before V and Vman and it's a crazy "publication" that really pushes the envelope in terms of what a magazine is. I think the gallery evolved as a way to showcase the "issues" or the original materials that were featured in the publication. The new issue is printed on Lacoste polo shirts and Coco is in one of them. They asked all these artists to contribute images for them.

    The stuff they do for their website is always ridiculously amazing though.

  2. I think I'm chaffing for her. Just thinking about the skill it takes to put that on...ALL HAIL COCO!


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