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Posted on: Thursday, March 27, 2008

Not sure how I overlooked this site but it is awesome. It has all the bad-ass girl indie clothing lines.

Here is there "about us" section which is so anti-corporate and brilliant!
" was launched in March 2007 by Yasi Salek and Robin Walker. Yasi enjoys crossword puzzles, a good scotch, and dressing in all black. Robin rides dirt bikes, buys $12 dish soap, and has a penchant for leotards. If they had a dance-off, Robin would win. But if they had a spelling bee, Yasi would win. This is what is known as balance.

The Tenets of Cultist

Tenet 1: Streetwear and sportswear are for everyone, not just Bape enswathed Nike shod Japanese men.

Tenet 2: Women’s clothing shall not exclusively be a) pastel, b) tight, or c) frilly. For that, there is Bebe.

Tenet 3: Be-dazzlers are for seven year olds.

Tenet 4: T-shirts are sexy.

Tenet 5: Books are good.

Tenet 6: Art is important.

Tenet 7: US Weekly is not a style bible.

Tenet 8: There are other countries besides the United States, and they make really nice clothes.

Tenet 9: Join us, and we will save you from the mall."

Stay tuned for some fav designer overviews coming up.

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