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A Recipe for Nostalgia.

Posted on: Friday, November 12, 2010

This week was one of those weeks where it just can't sort itself out. A complete emotional wreck one part of the time and a hopeful blessed flash in the pan the other. It must be that the holiday season is upon us but I have been in full on reflection mode. Thinking, thinking, + as my sister says, overthinking everything. Over analyzation is my blessing and my curse.

Grateful for this year for so many reasons: moving to LA, meeting amazing people, starting a company, getting almost unreal opportunities, learning, living, etc. Then also oddly disheartened and confused by what's ahead, I guess this is what 25 is all about, reflecting on your frivolous, fun youthful past + looking ahead to an exciting (read scary) future. Hopefully, all this pensiveness will breed creativity + ideas and lead to some sort of enlightenment or perhaps it's always like this. Constant warfare between the emotional and rational brains, reading into the decisions we make, and always wanting more (even if we don't know what that want may be).

Wherever the world takes me next I will be sure to take it with a grain of salt and an open mind. And then promptly over analyze the shit out of it. Happy weekend everyone.

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  1. mhmh holiday seasons can be kind of stressful really. But good too:) visit my blog xoxo


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