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Posted on: Sunday, November 30, 2008

Some people think I am really smart others think I am really stupid. But I am who I am and I have always thought I'd known myself, lovely to meet you! I am nice, seriously. I never notice what people criticize other people about until they point out. Did you notice her weird cackle? uh no.

If splenda gives you cancer I am dead. Why is Jurassic park on?... is it timely pop culture wise, I thought vampires were big now ---not dinosaurs? I wonder if the milk in my fridge is bad, nah not bad enough---yet. I'll keep your secrets for the most part or atleast I'll change your name. I am probably pretty boring for my age minus a few detailed, ridiculous nights out which are rare these days... I need an adventure, who wants to come? no one everyone is saving money and I should to perhaps. all my friends are freakishly successful for their ages perhaps making us older (wiser?) before our time... it's either bloody smart or bloody stupid. This dichotomy is haunting me.
Some times I wish I worked retail but that fades after 5 minutes, I belt pretty much everything I wear. Cinch, cinched, cinching. I like it. Sex and the city is a movie about women worshiping stuff and the men that give it to them. bullshit, I am woman hear me roar. but I like when men buy me things. I miss how in college I had more time to read and think about the world, bigger picture stuff. I am in a micro world now, I miss the macro. I bite my nails, I won't stop ( I probably can but won't) so please don't yell at me manicure lady. I hate anonymous commenters who insult people, show your face so I can internet battle you one word at a time. If I can see through my coffee it is not strong enough, gun powder please straight to the brain. I talk a lot mostly because I hate awkward silences like this................................................................................... I like telling stories, people tell me weird stuff happens to me, it is probably true. I usually get 8 hours of sleep, lame. some people would say smart again others would say stupid ( stop haunting me!). I miss London...fuck New York. I'm sorry, no wait don't go I didn't mean it! I love you New York but your bringing me down. I might sit around and do nothing today ( I always say that it never happens)... I don't give a fuck what magazine you work for, how you used to hookup with the DJ, or what your parents own or sold or invented if that is what makes you you today... if you are cool and socially normal I will talk to you and be your friend. If you don't like people who say like, like a lot we might not get along---though I say it more on camera ( again I hate awkward silences and if you do then I am doing you a favor, your welcome!). I like clothes. mostly because they can make you feel beautiful... it's nice when a person says your beautiful but one does not always have that luxury ( can you call a person a luxury? I just did) so then clothes. I like this it makes me feel pretty. self-absorbent? or confident? you choose. Everyone should hate themselves a little bit, it is good for the soul. Our generation is quite self-obsessive as we literally advertise ourselves with profiles, displaying "music I like", "videos I like", "products I like?" Is it self promotion or new age communication? who knows. I like people who aren't on facebook. go you. I wonder what we would all be like without the internet? hmmm? weird. The advice I give my friends is the advice I rarely take myself. I suck at relationships no scratch that I suck at dating. Teen romance movies somewhat ruined me. Go see MILK it is really good, it will make you cry. Shit I need to be part of movement but we are all to lazy with our digital soapboxes, sort of like what I am doing right now. STOP reading this... go do something.
If you want to be happy, be. Tolstoy wrote that. I wonder if he listened to his own advice?

Thanks for reading my blog I appreciate your anonymous or non-anonymous support.
Either I am really smart or really stupid.
Either way though I am me.
Sorry for the rant, back to your regularly scheduled fashion and style blog.

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