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Trend Alert: Animal Masks

Posted on: Tuesday, July 22, 2008

I have been seeing this everywhere from fashion shoots to music videos...what gives?
The images to the left are from the Summer 08 lookbook of the label "If I Had A".

These polaroids I found on Flickr

And this is from Cacharel...

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4 had something to say:

  1. Creepy! You should check out the "Roadkill Family Album" by Nigel Grimmer (I think you can find the images on

    Cool post :)

  2. Oh, god, this reminds me of Inland Empire--Naomi Watts and those rabbit costumes...and just the oddness of David Lynch in general. Something kind of great about it, though.

  3. yeah ive noticed that trend too! i saw some pics like that on the cherry blossom girl with a rabbit mask.

    nice blog, ive added you to my blogroll!!

  4. Hey! We've been following this trend for a while. Check out our collection at Fuck Yeah Animal Masks!


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