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Posted on: Monday, July 7, 2008

How do we feel about these?

Slow + Steady wins the race GLASSES $100

Antipodium $98

Boessert/Schorn $140


3 had something to say:

  1. Ahh the shades are so quirky & fun! & I WANT THE ROMPER!!!

  2. I think I had a dream about those sunglasses or at least some very similar to those. I'm sort of in love with how crazy they are. The romper is really cool and goes along with your vintage swimwear obsession, except its more of a men's swimsuit, but still...

  3. I like those glasses! Kind of trendy, trying too hard, but they'd just be fun to have and wear around. The concept of that onesie is cute (sailor/nautical), but the fit isn't the best... too tight around the lower part. Maybe if I saw the entire look it might be better, or you could wear it with a skirt over it. As for that shaggy thing, I love it! :)


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