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Posted on: Friday, June 13, 2008

What is Masstige?

A word I heard from Alisaleo relating to the mass availability of prestigious goods.

For instance, the Forever 21s and the H & Ms of the world... no longer are "discount" stores... aka crappy bargain bin sweat houses where everything looks like it was chewed up and spit out on a rack. They are experiences similar to the ones you would get in an more upscale store such as Bloomindales even Anthropologie, BCBG etc.

So how do these presigious brands compete especially when designs are becoming more and more similar ahem to their own? Well, right now it seems they can't and that they are struggling. Everyone is upping the ante in what they offer and how they offer it.

For instance Marshall's has launched MEGA SHOE SHOPS in many of their stores. Massive aisles of organized designer footwear reduced just for you...they are even running a social media campaign alongside it using widgets and virtual experiences to engage customers! Savvy.

Also Uniqlo has added a ton of interactive features on their site as well. And they aren't pretending cashmere is a luxury good anymore they are offering fab cashmere goods for a fraction of the price.

Even Ikea has scared the hell out of the West Elm's + Design within Reach's.

And how about all the Target lines? Erin Fetherston? Philip Lim for Gap? Celia Birtwell for Express?

I can't tell you how many times I hear women say "Oh! that is too much you could probably find that at H & M"

Watch out luxury retailers its a masstige society.


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  1. thats really interesting bc i totally enjoy the experience of forever and h&m as though its not a discount store

  2. ps - i came here off your twitter feed!


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