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But I made you a mixed tape!!!

Posted on: Friday, May 2, 2008

I love this idea. We all remember mixed tapes ( ew dating myself)? The love poem of our generation. Well Urban Outfitters has taken that favorite past time and modernized it with the USB mixed tape. Genius, It's like 9th grade all over again (hopefully minus some R.Kelly & Alice Deejay).


3 had something to say:

  1. love that idea!

    the harpers photoshoot was beautiful! by far one of their best!

  2. Hopefully you haven'b been tagged yet, because I've tagged you to write six unespectacular quirks about you!

    Have fun, the rules are in my blog.


  3. Such cool idea. We never had that habit here in my country...somehow people used to have other habits that weren't interesting at any point.

    P.S.- I have become addicted to your blog.


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