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Posted on: Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Tjejsajten which I posted about here (Swedish for "Girls site"-- literally these are girls most bloggers are like 15-20 ) has somewhat of a cult following especially a handful of the fashion bloggers who get lots of coverage on US blogs. Here is (what I think) are the top 5 most inspirational fashion bloggers of Tjejsajten. ****The site is in swedish so this is essentially a visual opinion***

1. Moderniteter
Moderniteter is a blog by two sisters, both with cute fashion sense. Plus their videos are adorable and are inspiring me to master final cut pro.

2. Lisa Place
Lisa is an adorable little girl with great post ranging from personal style choices to fashion news/ products.

3. Amanda Berg
Amanda's blog tends to be very much about her as opposed to fashion in general but she has great taste none the less... and she travels cool places and takes lots of pics!

4. Niotillfem
Niotillfem's style is fantastic. She has such a unique look and she has great vintage style. She tends to have a lot of photography on her blog ranging from travel, everyday, and personal style, i love it! Total inspiration.

5.Alma H
Alma's blog tends to have alot of fashion news, fashion finds, as well as personal style. She has hipster qualities you could drop her in Beatric Inn and she would fit right in..


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  1. Hi I just stumbled across you blog and i have to tell you I love it! Plus I love all the girls in this post as well!.x

  2. thats really funny, i read all of these!


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