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I interrupt this blog to talk about... me.

Posted on: Friday, February 1, 2008

Subterranean homesick blues is one my favorite song. Every time I hear it I get a rush of memories, nostalgia from all my travels and travails. Bob Dylan was my mentor for many years in my life and I found hope and comfort in his music when often times I couldn't find it anywhere else.

I'm a funny type I like consistency but often consistent change as well. I consider my self very loyal to an extent but more loyal to myself then anyone. I fall in love easily and out just as easily with friends, lovers, and interests.

But I try hard and want people who make me happy, happy. I struggle with happiness. I think people think I am smarter than I actually am, I feel smarter than most people. I think jealousy is toxic, but find myself jealous sometimes. I hate people who think supermodels are the epitome of beauty... they're not. Life is ephemeral, live it.

Change is happening, and I can't wait.

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