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Levo League.

Posted on: Sunday, October 13, 2013

I am happy to have been featured in Levo League's Beyond the Pencil Skirt interview series, whereby they get in depth with career ladies on everything from their morning routine to their fav kind of coffee.

I always feel like these types of interviews relay similar messages "work hard" " be nice" but I wanted to be honest. The reality of the working world is people will screw you over, friends and business partners will do something horrible, it happens. It's not you, it's the nature of the society we live in (unfortunately) and on the flips side you will collaborate, kick ass and meet inspiring people. Ebbs and flows. But I wanted to give real advice in the interview, "get it in writing" a lesson I've learned the hard way and "ask for what you deserve and don't feel like you are being a bitch" because really, those are the things that young girls need to hear. I hope you like the interview, read the whole thing here and be sure to sign up for Levo League and ask me to be your mentor!

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