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Levo League.

Posted on: Thursday, April 4, 2013

As a female business owner I face challenges + emotions all the time from negotiating to facing adversity to being dismissed by males and females in my industry for my age and gender. It's hard. I've learned so many lessons this year and last. Lessons about trust. Lessons about how to handle crises. Lessons about how to rise from the ashes. Lessons about shrugging things off and putting your business cap on and not your emotional one when necessary. It's not easy but it's rewarding. To feel the sense of working hard, accomplishment and success is unlike any feeling in the world.

My agency, (NO SUBJECT), had the honor of producing an event for Sheryl Sandberg + Levo League ( a must see site + resource for any female entrepreneur. The event was empowering, Sheryl's speech was forceful and everyone left feeling a bit more eager to ask for more in their life and make the tough decisions. I am grateful for where I am at and those that have supported me during tough times and easy times because at the end of the day it's our relationships that can build us up. So ladies let's help each other.

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