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Sick in Style.

Posted on: Monday, January 28, 2013

I'm sick. Who isn't? The flu is spreading faster than people signing up for VINE (oh yea, follow me) but for those of you who hate to be stuffed up in bed here's a way to make sick, slightly more enjoyable:

+A good pair of Mittens (keep your little paws warm!)

+EyeMasks- aka miracle workers

+Influenza sorbet, because WHY NOT?

+A good robe to wrap up in.

+Your favorite cozy pillow

+A warm blanket-- like this Pendleton one

+A Marimekko mug full of warmed up Apple Cider Vinegar (it works. My mom swears and she never lies!).

Feel better kittens! Oh and feel free to send along to your boyfriend as a little reminder.

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