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Posted on: Wednesday, August 22, 2012

I love a good fun bun particularly when your hair is a few days dirty and the last thing you feel like doing is throwing a curling iron at that mess. Here is how to get that perfect fun bun:

1. Brush your hair out till it's smooth and almost frizzy.

2. Tie in a super high pony (almost meeting your bang line if you have bangs)

3. Place the Donut around your pony.

4. Completely flip your pony (inside out around the donut) and begin swishing it around the donut, pinning along the way.

5. Give it a quick hairspray as your move the hair along, twisting it to create the bun effect.

6. Use the comb to smooth out fly aways and your bangs.

7. One last spritz and you are good to go!

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