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Posted on: Saturday, December 31, 2011

Happy New Year's Darlings! It's been quite a year, filled with laughter, smiles, late nights, tears, fears, and love-- you name it, I probably felt it this year. Get ready I get riiilllllll emotional sometimes. No seriously, I appreciate all of your support, reading what I write, looking at what I post, commenting, it means a lot to me. I am such a lucky girl it's insane and how I ended up this lucky girl I have no idea but I am truly blessed.

On that note, have fun, be safe, feel glamourous in whatever you wear, be around good people, have good conversation, have a stiff cocktails, have a designated driver, laugh until it hurts, have that late night meal and don't feel guilty, dance like a fool, don't worry about your hair, tell your friends you love them, say silly toasts, kiss your crush at midnight, kiss your best friend, make out with your cocktail, just be in it. take it all in. this is it, all of it, and it is so very good.

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  1. Great post, really love the monologue but have a great year and I feel 2012 is the one.


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