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Awesome Overload.

Posted on: Thursday, October 6, 2011

You know when your desktop is on image overload? Well with all these fantastic Fall goodies coming out left and right, mine was definitely at capacity. I want to start doing a weekly round up of STUFF that I am really into... this could be fashion, music, art, hell the options are limitless! Let's start with this one:

+The Corin Wester Coat: Don't you hate when you click on an item and it turns out to be EUROS (Come on US economy, help a sister out!)
+A Casual canvas tote (menswear inspired) is going to be all the rage this Fall!
+ The GentleWoman: Don't ask questions just subscribe.
+PAPER: Yes paper ya'll. Get into it. Paper notebooks are sexy.
+Wallpaper: Anthropologie is now carrying it. lots of beautiful expensivo wallpaper.
+Leopard Booties. SHUT THE HELL UP, these is major.
+JEWELMINT: The jewelry subscription service from none other than Kate Bosworth is killing it! I got these adorable earrings that I cannot wait to wear (gifted by Jewelmint)!
+Musica: Grouplove "Don't Trust A Happy Song" is so worth a listen it's ridiculous.

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  1. Group love are great thanks a lot for sharing for the rest of the items!


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