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Posted on: Sunday, April 3, 2011

We all have our go-to products. I thought I would share a few of my favorite products that just--work. First, the Sally Hansen nail strips are my new fav thing. For those of us who get manis every week these are a great alternative. Super easy to put on, they come in fun patterns, and they are $11 a pop! The Murad eye cream will knock out black eye circles, the PTR radiance cream is amazing for pigment, and the the lychee lotion from FRESH smells amazing! What are some of you favorite products? (Click for purchase)

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  1. I love the post! I've been DYE-ing to try the nail strips. The girls in my office are always sharing beauty secrets. Everything from eyeliner to bikini waxing... there's 10 of us, and no guys ;)

    Some of my faves secrets are:

    For long and full lashes, I use two different types of mascara. In my bag right now I have Cover Girl Great Lash and Loreal Telescopic.

    For a clear complexion, I use tea tree oil. There's also an amazing tea tree oil mask that rejuvenates my skin and makes it feel super soft!

    Something that can be easily overlooked is red eyes... If I wake up from a late night I use visine drops and my eyes are shiny and clear.

    Ok last one, try not to judge too much.. for the perfect round brush look in my hair, I use the Revo-Styler (one of thsoe late night infomercial products.) It's an electronic brush that I use when I'm blow drying. It's so silly, but it really works.

    Anytime you want to swap more secrets, I'm totally down!


  2. OMG LOVE IT! Thanks Courney! More secrets soon!


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