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Elizabeth + James Giveaway

Posted on: Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Win a $100 Shopbop gift card to get your favorite Elizabeth & James item!

Elizabeth & James

How to Enter:
Comment below to tell me what Elizabeth and James item you'd get from Shopbop and why, to enter for a chance to win a $100 Shopbop gift card. Be sure to check out the Elizabeth and James shoes they are super adorable.

I will randomly select the winner from a pool of the most creative responses, so be sure to have fun with your answer!
Contest ends July 2, 2010, at 11:59 EST. Be sure to checkout Shopbop Sales for some killer deals even some Elizabeth & James Discounts.

17 had something to say:

  1. Kayla ( 2, 2010 at 3:21 PM

    If I could choose to buy anything in the Elizabeth and James section on ShopBop I would get the Gypsy Macrame Thong Sandals in the Sand color because I love how simple they are, yet they would add a lot of pizazz to an outfit. They would look good with a dress, skinny jeans, shorts, etc. I would wear them everywhere!!

  2. Only one item from the Elizabeth & James collection on Shopbop? That's quite the task since I was lusting at first sight over pretty much everything!

    I tend to be a "shoe girl" & they've got some fabulous shoes, but while browsing the Havan Blouse kept coming to mind and in a way sort of taunted me like, "Me! Me! Me! You want ME!" The color has been a re-occurring favorite of mine (I actually just posted about that hehe) and I love the shoulders and the little bit of frills to add feminine details.


  3. If money was no option, I would definitely pick the army corset top. I've been taking kickboxing & I would totally show off some skills in that top (with the proper bra of course!) Otherwise I would get the Across the Hand Bar Ring. Sexy and practical since it doubles as a knuckle ring!

  4. Since having my daughter a year and a half ago, I have found myself slowly slipping into hippie-dom. My hair is crazy long from trying to grow it 10" past my shoulders for locks of love, and I often skip a shower when the kid is finally sleeping in favor of doing the dishes/laundry. Some days dressing up means a t-shirt without tiny banana smudge handprints and actually wearing a bra.

    Which is why I would get the pink lilac Elizabeth camisole. The bra is built in, the color is feminine, and it is effortlessly fashionable. Perfect.

  5. Elizabeth and James: Yoshimoto Jacket! I'd loooove to get this jacket from shopbop because it would be the PERFECT staple to add to my closet collection. I would probably wear it everyday. =)

  6. Holy crap, this would be amazing to win! I adore Shopbop and I love the Elizabeth & James brand, so awesome to see the Olsen girls came out with a fashion line. I NEED the Nora Pumps with Applique Heel. Those are so hot! I'd love to wear them with a cute dress, or leggings, a cropped tee and a leather motorcycle jacket. These shoes could go from glam couture to rocker hottie, super versatile. Thanks!!

    shevilkenevil1 at aol dot com

  7. um... first of all... i think i'd need like 50 of the gift cards to get all the fabulous E&J items. Does shopbop do lay away like Kmart on 3rd and Fairfax? Ms J... love the blog :) Just wanted to give you a shout out... no need to add me to the gc mix. But to answer your question: birkin dress (to die... bananas!!!), charm wood platform sandals (omg shut the front door), Yoshimoto jacket (wtf... can it get any better?), cantilevier diamond bar ring (can't go wrong with the bougie version of brass knuckles). HUGS!!!--- your korean westsider

  8. I just created a Polyvore, owed to my fave Elizabeth and James piece: the nude-colored Sleeveless Boyfriend Shirt. I love it because I can wear it with a jacket for work, then after work dress it casual with denim shorts. Check it out!

  9. Very lovely!

    I think this Elizabeth and James, Yoshimoto Jacket is awesome. The kind of jacket that is so original and full of personality to last a lifetime. It's definitely something that will go everything in your closet.

    Otherwise, I'd probably get a boat load of Elizabeth and James accessories, especially the rings!


  10. The Yoshimoto Jacket.
    Because in October by some twist of fate I will be attending the wedding of the daughter of an iconic designer and major force in the fashion industry.
    Upon my meeting him, I must be wearing the Yoshimoto jacket (in one of its multiple forms - vest? draped? asymmetrical?) over an equally killer dress and a sprinkling of Elizabeth & James knuckle rings across my fingers, so that he is overcome by my style prowess and feels the need to instantly offer me a position in his fashion empire.
    This is a true story, so please, I need the $100 to secure my future career!

  11. i had the same giveaway on my blog, and damn it i wish i could have won myself! :p this is a great opportunity to reward my hard blogging work! i hope i win!

  12. Oh, definitely the Twisted Tube Dress. A white dress might not be so practical for all the time...but it's gorgeous!

  13. Across the Hand Bar Ring. This ring is just too cool to be "over the top"... it just wants to be understatingly unique. Love it.

  14. Ooo this is tough! I think I'd put the gift card towards the Boca Two Band sandals ( - they would match everything, be the perfect summery shoes, and they actually look like they might be comfortable to wear!


  15. The Shirttail Dress - can you say naked dress ala Carrie Bradshaw circa season one?!? if this dress finds me my mr. big, i will take it!

    that being said, there were like a million other things i would love to buy too!

    great contest ms. j!!

  16. I really wish I could be witty on this one but as bluntly as possibly put, those Greta Woven Pumps are swoon worthy. And you know, who doesn't love walking blocks upon blocks in New York City in 5" wooden heels.

    ...No, I don't have a shoe problem.
    ...Yes, I do. :)

  17. I've always been the type of girl who makes a fashion "uniform," so to speak. At age 3, it was a favorite tutu a la ballet class, paired with any of my glittery, fun tops. At age 10, my uniform consisted of a suede newsboy cap and a cute dress. And now, at age 18, the Yoshimoto Jacket by Elizabeth and James is THE piece that I want to center my fashion uniform around for years to come. It's versatile, innovative, functional, and, in a word, perfect. It is the perfect jacket for a college freshman, a fashionista, a city dweller, an independent woman-the perfect jacket for me.


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