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Interview: Ben Taverniti

Posted on: Monday, March 22, 2010

Check out my interview with Ben Taverniti, the lead designer at Hudson Jeans, on the new HUDSON Minimalist Collection.

Q: What was the inspiration for the Minimalist collection?

A: The Minimalist Collection is about bringing denim back to its roots. It features jeans in their purest state that come in anti-color palette of black, white and unwashed indigo. The collection has minimal detailing, but the accents and the rich, raw quality of denim make the collection what it is.

Q: What is the differentiating factor from this collection and classic Hudson denim?

A: HUDSON collection is a natural evolution from our core line. It’s the full expression of the brand—the purest and most highly designed.

Q: Have you seen the HBO show "How to make it in America" (if so), how does their hustle to create their jean company relate to the real life hustle? Is it all about the type of jean material?

A: Honestly I’ve never seen the show, but I’ve heard its based in New York. All the premium expertise is in LA, so if I were them I would probably jump on a plane.

Q: Who wears jeans better, New Yorkers? Londoners, or Los Angelenos?

A: Cool isn’t geographical.

Q: Wide Leg was hot, then boot cut, now skinnies. What is the next "trendy" jean in your opinion?

A: The high waisted jean done right.

Q: Where is the Minimalist collection available?

A: Barneys New York, Barneys L.A. Marios, Tender, 4510 and Jeffrey

Q: Does this collection and the three additional collections have new tags?

A: It’s all HUDSON:)

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