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Rules of Style

Posted on: Wednesday, July 16, 2008

According to The creative director at Marni.

Here are a few I liked read the rest at Details.

A man has to discover his own taste and then base his sartorial decisions on that—you shouldn’t buy something because you saw it on TV. You need to feel at ease in your clothes or you risk being a bit ridiculous.

I like a guy in a suit that’s cut a little smaller—slightly shorter, with smaller lapels. Inside, the jacket should have beautiful finishing that only the guy wearing it notices.

A little bit of chivalry always makes a woman happy. You shouldn’t exaggerate, but I do like it when a man holds the door open for me. I think, Okay, this guy has manners and knows how to comport himself.

Men can carry bags as long as they are masculine, like a tote or an attaché case. Look for a sturdy canvas or handsome leather one, maybe with a raw finish. A bag should be functional and practical.

Clothes don’t necessarily render a man sexy—his attitude and his nature do. For me, someone who is not classically handsome but has a lot of charm is more attractive than a really good-looking guy with no personality.

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