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Over the "it girl"

Posted on: Sunday, June 1, 2008

Rant coming... so this is not to say that we all don't enjoy seeing some fresh faces with new and exciting styles and looks; however, I cannot wrap my head around this notion of "it" girls who are known for nothing but being "it" especially these barely teenaged girls whose heads are bigger then their bodies and their wit and charm significantly smaller than their wallets.

Maybe it's as you get older you begin to appreciate the girls who have some ambition, some notion that the world is bigger than themselves, and girls who are "it" by their on terms not by the terms a group pushes on them or an ideal that they want to become. Not some girl who will shill for any tee-shirt company ; i understand we all need to make money but put some aspiration and passion behind it.

This rant was fused by the Cory Kennedy Billabong collabo.

Thoughts please.


5 had something to say:

  1. I cant handle her. Especially because she seems to be marketed towards 20-somethings a lot and I just don't know how they are supposed to look up to a teenager with everything handed to her. But that's just me.

  2. i had to put my glasses on to see who it was in the photo.

    so the missbehave staff was drinking on my roof today...blah whatever.

    with that comes honesty, i need to stop commenting on your blog. i think it proves i have a blog roll. i think it proves none of us make this stuff up or are cool enough to "just know."

    wait you might be....haha im not.

  3. Had never heard of her until now. Who knows why certain people become idolized, especially those who do nothing other than exist? But will this particular lady actually DO anything admirable/positive/worthwhile with the exposure she's receiving? Or will she garner more attention by filling in the roles of Paris and the like. EEkk. now THOSE are the girls that I detest!

  4. oh lawwwwd i agree with you!
    and i'm crushed that nylon keeps forcing her down everyone's throats by practically making her "the face" of the magazine.
    where is alexa chung? where is valentine fillol-cordier?
    they're gorgeous; they're talented, and they don't look like they live out of a dumpster.

  5. Thanks for the comments ladies! I am glad we are all on the same page viva la smart-talented-interesting girl revolution.


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