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Style Stars.

Posted on: Thursday, April 10, 2008

I've never really thought of turning to cartoons for fashion inspiration but GeometricSleep has changed my mind since I read her post about Judy Funny (Doug funny's super hipster sister).

So, I thought back to some of my favorite cartoon fashionistas and the first show that popped into my head....JEM and the Holograms! And while Jem gets most of the glory I always loved the ever stylish and wise, AJA, who was rocking trends like suspenders and trenches since the 80s and seems to be inspiring style icons today such as Agyness Deyn! HA! Well maybe not, but still this show had alot of great looks and how hot was Rio? And I really want Danse's hair! And if you don't know what or who Jem is or was, move on to the next post :).


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