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International is the new black.

Posted on: Monday, April 21, 2008

After looking back on some of my recent posts something hit me. The US or rather (NY, LA, MIAMI and other cities etc) has fallen behind England as well as Norway and Sweden as far as trendsetting and producing the new "it" crowd, clothes, lifestyle, etc.
Not to say that London hasn't been at the forefront before but a majority of cultural coolness is coming from across the pond. Whether its music, style, or personas it all seems to be inspired from places other than the US. Are the tastemakers abroad? What do you think?


Agyness Deyn
Kate Moss
Top Shop
Punk style ( the whole combat boot phenom) etc.

Mark Ronson
Lily Allen/Kate Nash

Daisy Lowe

Sienna Miller
The Beckhams in America

Style Bytes aka Agathe
Cheap Mondays
Hot Chip


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  1. Hey, yeah I agree! Actually, just the other week while updating my Facebook profile I realized all of my favorite musicians are British! About the Swedes though - I think the globalization of the world due to the internet has allowed us to be exposed to other cultures easier. Swedes have always stood out as super stylish within Europe and now everyone in the US is catching on :) Glad to see that people back home are really appreciating things international, since the stereotype is still that Americans are so focused on their own culture.

    an American in Finland


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