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Going Green.

Posted on: Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Seems like every company is jumping on the green bandwagon. Even companies that by no means will ever be green.

See CopyRanters rebute for JANA water bottle company:

The last line of copy: "Jana gives every employee a reusable tote bag for their personal shopping."

"How fucking green of you, Jana. You know what would really help the environment? If you gave every employee a fucking pink slip and shut down your useless fucking company, you shameless fucks. Then, we wouldn't have to read your stupid fucking ads with fucking flip comments about Flipper. Fuck you, Jana. previously in bullshit green marketing: Levi's 100% Organic Eco-Jeans; the world's first eco-friendly vodka; 2(x)ist green underwear, increase your carbon cockprint."

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