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Spring Predictions

Posted on: Thursday, March 20, 2008

Here is a list of things I think will catch on (new/ tipping point stuff) , stick around (maybe you already use or maybe you will start), or be a fad ( in then out) for spring 2008:

Feel free to agree or disagree or add to the mix.

Instead of previous boho chic, more boho grunge think less girl skirts more tight jeans with free flowing tops

Miss Kittin

Braids in the mix with messy hair


Native American chic

"Rudy Guilaini" referencing someone with roots

Shiny Leather like leggings

Tranny hot mess as slang

Really High Wedges

"to bear stearns" crash and burn suddenly

Influx of politcal tees

MySpace/facebook fatigue followed by increase of niche networks such as UBER and Virb

Zip Drives are the new mixed tapes

feather-inspired earrings

people buying cameras that take vintage photos

Vintage floral scarves

Aggregators like and Preik


vintage tattoos ( think roses)

Bright blue & orange nails

Wide leg jeans for girls

bleach blonde hair


bombshell 50s inpsired swimwear

tan leather braided belts


Vintage watches as necklaces

Blog-o-stars aka fashion icons like Suzy Bubble and Sally Vintage instead of Lindsay Lohan

DJs as celebrities

loads of tweets "weather is amazing" upon us

big bright bags with earth tone garmets

brooklyn rooftop party picture blog a la cobrasnake

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