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Urban Cartography.

Posted on: Friday, January 4, 2008

I have a weird obsession with old maps, I think they are beautiful and interesting and have a weird aura to them. New maps on the other hand are pretty lame until I came across which describes itself as urban cartography for global shopping experts. It has maps of major cities shopping areas, but not your typical locales... it has the cool indie stores you wish you knew about.

Also check out their forums.... there is one that simply asks "What are you listening to right now?" it elicits 274 pages of response.

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  1. I would say one word to describe the new exhibition Maps: Finding Our Place in the World: incredible. Everything in this exhibition is an incredible example of mapping, sure, but also history, art, literature, technology, psychology… it hits on so many different aspects of life. I was recently at a preview where the curator, Will Noel, walked us through the exhibition. When He asked us how long ago we thought the Chinese men had mapped out their paths & routes on stone while estimating the gridlines accurately, he said...1130 B.C. What?! Incredible! This exhibition had me saying that a lot! It's a chance to see and learn about rare art and artifacts for all ages. I definitely say it is a must see!

    Go to for more info and to see videos of the curator talking about the exhibition.


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