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Sansa tells iPod Shuffle to go fuck itself.

Posted on: Wednesday, January 9, 2008

APPLE took their eye off the ball for one second and BAMMM!

The teeny tiny SANSA shuffle player holds 4 times the amount as the iPod Shuffle, has a 15-hour batter, and is prettier in my opinion. And lucky for you it is the same price, thank you competitive marketplace!

1 had something to say:

  1. That makes the second time.

    The first time Sansa told iPod to go fuck itself was the Sansa e200 over the iPod Nano. It has everything the Nano doesn't (FM, recording, and a USER REPLACEABLE BATTERY..not to mention no iTunes,drag and drop interface, and it's subscription music service computable) for about half the price of an iPod...and it's sound quality is quite a bit better.

    "Go fuck yourself iPod" is right. It's hard to believe that anyone is still falling for such an inferior product.


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